Keeping Your House Free from Termites

October 1, 2012

A way to keep your house looking new for a long time is to protect it from termites. Do your best to maintain the beauty of your house for this is the biggest investment you have. Read along and learn the different ways on how to free your home from these pests. Know where you can get a termite resistant decking Perth as well.

 All about Termites

 Termites never get satisfied because they eat every hour of the day. After finding a good place they can live in as a nest, they shed their wings. Moreover, the total weight of all the termites in the world is heavier than the weight of humans. You may not be aware these social insects raise their young as a group. Make sure you keep your house free of termites because statistics show they cause almost $2 billion in damage yearly.

 There are different types of termites, namely Dampwood, Drywood, Formosa, and Subterranean. Dampwood termites are the biggest among all the four types. On the other hand, Drywood termites form colonies composed of 2,500 members. These termites do not have workers, but their young do most of the jobs.

 The Formosan has colonies that can reach 300 feet long and thousands in a single colony. Colonies of Formosan termites are divided into soldiers, workers, and reproductives, depending on the roles they play. Formosan Termites are the most destructive among all the types of termites.

 The Subterranean, on the other hand, can have colonies with over 2 million members. The groups of the subterranean termites are the same with the Formosan type.

 Reasons They Invade and Tips to Keep Them Away

 Termites find freedom to grow in cracks and sags in your front stoop. This should be triggered by moisture pooling in the foundation. Another way to keep termites off your house is to trim the limbs of the trees. These block the sunlight important to make the moisture to precipitate. Make sure the surface of your house is always clean to protect it from termites.

 Always keep the gutters clean to avoid water from pooling in your walls. A wet wood is a good invitation for termite colony. In addition, you have to know you must never pile fire wood on the soil, directly against the foundation of your home. Look for a rack that can help provide a gap separating the soil and the wood. Keep it covered to protect it from other pests as well.

 Anti-Termite Decking

 Visit FLORTEK.COM.AU for a complete list of high quality timber flooring that suits your preference and budget. Enjoy your time in reading all the information indicated in the company website. Take note when and where they are having their displays to see whether you can attend it or not. Continue investing in your house as this is an investment you can pass on to your children.

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